Represent Your Love For Dogs

What People are Saying About Us

  • "My wife has wanted a puppy for a while, but we aren't able to get one until next summer. She was almost in tears when Waffles arrived, and I found her asleep cuddling him that night!"

    -Justin via Facebook

  • "Eeeeek!!! I'm so happy you chose to do an Aussie for your next plush!!! Uh, yes, please! *purchased!* Can't wait to get it!!!"

    -Jenna via Facebook

  • "Awwww, SOOOOO SNUGABLE!!! we can not wait to get our FRANK ❤️😍👌🏽🐶❤️🐶👍🏽😍"

    @pippi.long.sausage.and.son via Instagram

  • "Omg. I want to hug and cuddle them all."

    -Karen via Instagram

  • "My hubby was hooked on Butterscotch [Veronica's name for Waffles] when we got him, and I’m thinking of getting him a Hazelnut, for Christmas. We don’t have space for a real pup, yet, but our kitties won’t mind another 🍞🐶"

    -Veronica via Instagram

  • "I just adopted! Can’t wait for you to meet your Aussie brother Sheldon!!! ❤️🐾🐶💜"

    -Sarah via Instagram

  • "I'm weirdly addicted to Waffles... I use him as a pillow when I watch tv and I haven't wanted to part with him to wash him... so today I'm doing 10 billion loads of laundry and figured I'd run my wash test!!"

    -Ran via Facebook

  • "Omg!!!! So excited! Love my Tri and definitely may need a matching plush 😍"

    - anonymous via Instagram

  • "I don't have a corgi, but when I lay down to sleep I have my hand on Waffles, his ears, his soft back.. and I can think of having a corgi which turns into a dream... It's a great way to fall asleep! :D"

    -Karoly via Facebook