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Why Memory Plushies?

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Form Factor

Their shape is perfect for just about anything. You'll hang on so often, your Memory Plushie will tell you to stop being clingy.

Child Safe

Whether you are a parent or a gift buyer, Memory Plushies are born with children in mind. No more loose parts.


Memory Plushies retain shape, unlike a traditional pillow, and even lasts longer than your dad’s Honda Accord!

Home & Travel Use

Ready for your next adventure? You can take this perfectly sized and shaped plushie to the Antartica or the Moon.

Easy Cleaning

Cleaning is easier than you think! Machine wash and tumble low dry. Just remove the memory foam cushion.

Save Money & Time

By investing in quality, you won’t have to replace your plushies often and will fall asleep faster.

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I used it in the car back from New York to Texas. I fell asleep easily using this super comfortable plush. 

J Turner

I like how it looks like a loaf of bread and how squishy it is. I'm not quite sure what I don't like about it.


I use it as a pillow on the nights that I decide to sleep or study on the floor. It's super cute, I keep having people ask where I got it!

B Allison

The foam was actually soft enough for sleeping in the car. The thickness is perfect.

F Johnson

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