Corgi Things Beach Towel Review

June 14, 2017 4 Comments

Corgi Things Beach Towel Review

Hi friends! This is Sherrill here with a pawsome review of our Corgi Things Round Beach Towel that we bought from the Corgi Things website. Corgi Things is ran by our friend Connie who, like Andy and I, has an obsessive love for Corgis. She sells super cute Corgi slippers, shirts, totes, stationary, jewelry, and more. I recommend you check her website out if you LOVE Corgis like we do!


First Impressions

The first thing that I noticed when I physically felt the Corgi Things towel was that it was super high quality and soft. It was easy to fold and did not crumple or wrinkle like towels normally do. The colors were exactly as pictured online and very vibrant. The entire quality, feel, and look of the towel was premium and totally worth the buy. I knew I had to use it for Waffles and Hazelnut photoshoots in Los Angeles that week!


Using Indoors

Andy and I brought the Corgi towel to Tofu the Corgi's place (we are good friends with her pawrents) to meet Tofu for the first time. We decided to get a photoshoot of her with the towel and the Memory Plushies. Tofu's pawrents were amazed at how beautiful the towel was when we laid it out on the floor. Tofu splooted on it with no problem either and, despite how hyper she was, allowed us to get some cute shots of her and the Memory Plushies.


Using at the Beach

We brought the towel to Santa Monica and spread it out on the beach for another photoshoot. A lot of people around us glanced at the towel because the colors were so gorgeously vibrant on the sand.

After the photoshoot, we packed up our stuff to bring back to our car. Here's where I discovered the best part about the towel (in my opinion)- it collected no sand whatsoever. It was completely mess-free and all I did was minimally shake it out, folded it, and put it in the back seat of the car. 


Final Thoughts

I am 100% happy with my Corgi Things Beach Towel and highly recommend it to any Corgi lover out there. 



Corgi Things website:

Round beach towel:

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