Follow Waffles: A Gluttonous Week in Los Angeles with My Sister (Part 1)

June 02, 2017 1 Comment

Follow Waffles: A Gluttonous Week in Los Angeles with My Sister (Part 1)

Hi hooman friends!

This is your lovable Corgi friend, Waffles, here! This week, my founders (Andy and Sherrill) took me and my sister, Hazelnut, around one of my favorite cities in the world- Los Angeles! Before Hazelnut was born, I went to LA for my first time to attend So Cal Corgi Beach Day. I ate at lots of delicious restaurants, such as Slurpin' Ramen Bar, The Bazaar by Jose Andres, ILCHA Korean BBQ, and more. It was super fun and I knew I had to go back again soon. Luckily, my sister was born and we flew back to LA to pick her up. :D


LA Day 1: Macaroni and Cheese BURGER

After landing at LAX in the morning, I was SO hungry so I begged Andy to take Sherrill and me to Bird's Nest Cafe for some burgers and fries. It's usually me and Sherrill that want to eat 24/7 (and Andy supports our gluttonous habits). At Bird's Nest Cafe, we ordered a burger with macaroni and cheese in it and fries covered in delicious goodness. Super heavy for after an airplane ride, but my tummy thanked me anyways.

Afterwards, we headed over to our Airbnb to wait for our food comas to settle. Once we were feeling alive again, we drove to the Queen's Best Stumpy Dog Rescue BBQ to hang out with some stumpy dogs like me! I met lots of new Corgis and also reunited with friends from So Cal Corgi Beach Day.

Later that day, Sherrill really wanted to go shopping, so we headed over to The Grove. I had an adventure exploring all the wonderful smells in that area. Here is me getting ready to catch the flying water:


LA Day 2: Dim Sum = Foodie Heaven

For brunch the next day, we met up with some uncles (Andy's friends from his childhood hometown, Houston) at a dim sum place called Elite Restaurant. Dim sum is Sherrill's pawrents' hometown food, so she was very excited to dig in. I have never had dim sum until that day, but, boy, did I love it! From custard buns to shrimp balls, everything was delightfully Corgilicious! I was in foodie heaven.

Despite having another food coma, I really wanted to run around the beaches of California, so I dragged Andy and Sherrill over to Venice Beach. There, we played in the sand and enjoyed the nice weather.

For dinner, I had a bite of four different burgers at Burgerim. The fries were in the shape of potato chips- really unique! No doubt about it, I have been putting on some weight already in LA. 



LA Day 3: But Where is Hazelnut?

Alright, I bet you're wondering. Where is my sister Hazelnut? 

Let me tell you furriends, do not worry. We picked her up on day 3 and she joined us on all of our adventures. She's photogenic Tri Color Corgi that loves posing for pictures, so we stopped by Little Tokyo to get a photoshoot of her. Looks like it's goodbye glory days of being the only pup! (Just kidding, I love my little sister).

Since Hazelnut is also a foodie like me, we were soon hungry to try new food. Our founders took us to Marugame Monzo, where we had the most mouth-watering udon! Andy and Sherrill told us that it was one the best restaurant experiences they have ever had.




LA Day 4: LOTS of Asian Food!

At this point, you've probably seen enough of us eating already. Fortunately for you, there's more. For day 4, we hung around Koreatown and ate soupy noodles at Hangari Bajirak Kalgooksu, had spicy food at Yupp Dduk LA, and got boba and ice cream cookie at Snow Monster.

If that still wasn't enough food, we also stopped by Slurpin' Ramen Bar and shared a bowl of ramen. My founders and I have been to this restaurant twice and we absolutely love their ramen. At this point, our tummies were so stuffed that Hazelnut and I could barely use our stumpy legs. Andy and Sherrill ended up carrying us back to the car. :)

What will our last three days in LA be like? Perhaps, more food and good vibes? Stayed tuned for part 2!


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