Follow Waffles: A Gluttonous Week in Los Angeles with My Sister (Part 2)

June 06, 2017

Follow Waffles: A Gluttonous Week in Los Angeles with My Sister (Part 2)

Hello, hoomans! It's Waffles again with part 2 of my blog on Los Angeles with Hazelnut. For the first 4 days in LA, we ate pretty much non-stop. We actually visited restaurants more than we visited sight-seeing places! We can't help it though- as dogs, we follow our noses (which leads us to food). Now, without further ado, let's continue on our journey!


LA Day 5: Meeting Tofu the Corgi

Andy and Sherrill wanted Hazelnut and me to meet Tofu the Corgi and her pawrents, so we first ate with the pawrents at Goshen Cuisine in Downtown LA. We ordered a sushi burrito (basically a super long sushi roll) and an eel bowl. Both were delicious!

Afterwards, Tofu's pawrents invited us over to their place to meet the famous Tofu the Corgi. Check out her Instagram page! Once we arrive at their home, Tofu ran up to Hazelnut and me and started bouncing everywhere with excitement. She is the most hyper Corgi I have ever met! Our founders wanted us to take a picture with her, so we had a photoshoot. We got to use the new Corgi Things towel that we bought recently (it's great for pictures).



LA Day 6: Driving Around Hollywood Hills in a Sweet Ride

Before I explain what we did on the 6th day at LA, it's important that I let you guys know that Andy LOVES cars. He had always wanted to drive a sports car at least once in his life- and what's better than driving one around a scenic area like Hollywood Hills?

He rented an Alfa Romeo 4C for a couple of hours so that he could take us all on a nice scenic drive. Hazelnut and I had so much fun looking out the window and enjoying the cool California air blow against our fur. It was the most relaxing of all the days for us (and our tummies finally had a break from food for while). We also got to watch the beautiful sunset over the hills before returning the car to its owner.

On our way back to our Airbnb, we stopped by Honeyboba (yes, not a day goes by for Hazelnut and me without good food or drinks). I ordered a large Thai tea with boba while Hazelnut ordered a Ghirardelli chocolate milk tea. Mmmm, the drinks were so Corgilicious!



LA Day 7: Morning on the Beach

On day 7, the final day of our vacation at LA was upon us. Our flight was in the afternoon, so Andy and Sherrill decided to take us to Santa Monica for some brunch and a fun morning at the beach. We ate a clam chowder bread bowl and fish and chips at The Albright (a very heavy but tasty brunch, indeed).

The beach was great running around and just being Corgis, so that's what Hazelnut and I did. We played chase and dug holes in the sand. The water was pretty chilly, but we splashed around in it anyways. Our founders wanted another photoshoot of us, so we posed on the really pawsome Corgi Things towel again.

That marks the end of our gluttonous week in LA! We were very tired Corgis by the end of the week, but our tummies were very satisfied (probably over-satisfied). Thank you for joining us on this amazing journey! We hope you come and #FollowWaffles again on my future adventures. Until next time!



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