Follow Waffles and Hazelnut: Journey to the Solar Eclipse (Part 1)

August 23, 2017 3 Comments

Follow Waffles and Hazelnut: Journey to the Solar Eclipse (Part 1)

Greetings, Hoomans!

Hazelnut here. Last week, my brother and I went on our most adventurous journey yet- our journey to see the Solar Eclipse of 2017 (in totality!). We had a couple of stops along the way from Texas to South Dakota, as well as camped 3 nights out of 6. It was very beautiful in the Wild West and full of fun places to explore!


Solar Eclipse Journey Day 1: A Day and Night of Driving

On the day that we set out on our road trip, we packed a bunch of Corg-tastic snacks, such as crackers and loads of carbs. We knew that it'd be a long drive, according to our hooman founders. They said munching would help Waffles and I keep our spirits high while in the car for a long time (they know us too well). During our drive, we stopped a few times to take photos of the scenery and stretch our stubby legs. 


Solar Eclipse Journey Day 2: The Badlands

On our second day, we visited Badlands National Park in South Dakota. The rock formations and harsher weather really gave it a western feel! We drove around many over-watch areas to get pictures and admire the natural landforms. My personal favorite part of our day in the Badlands was when it started to lightly rain. The weather got very cool and the sky turned a pawsome gray- perfect for vintage photoshoots!


At night, we camped at a designated campsite in the Badlands. This was the first time my brother and I ever camped.. and we loved it! There were so many things to smell that we could hardly fall asleep at first. We saw a couple of bunnies hopping around and had to resist the urge to chase them (since we are good dogs, haha).


Solar Eclipse Journey Day 3: Mount Rushmore, Bear Country, and Camping

On the third day of our journey, we decided to drive through Bear County USA since Andy loves bears- especially bear cubs. Waffles and I have never seen a bear up close before, so we were excited. A bear actually came up to our car and was about a few inches away from it. Along with bears, we saw lots of other really cool animals!


After visiting Bear Country USA, we stopped by Mount Rushmore in Keystone. Waffles and I were so amazed- the mountains had hooman faces on them! We also got to try delicious Thomas Jefferson ice cream (it's called that because he helped popularize ice cream).

We were very tired puppers by the end of the day. Our hooman founders drove us through Black Hills Mountains to get to our campsite so we could get some snoozes. We drove through winding trails and tunnels in the mountains. It was full of natural smells, as well as firewood. When we arrived at our campsite, we immediately fell asleep. That night, it was very chilly so we bundled up in our blankies. Around the early morning before dawn, Waffles woke me up and said he heard some coyotes. Sure enough, I heard their howls as well. We both howled back for fun!

The first three days of our Journey to the Solar Eclipse were a blast! Stay tuned for Part 2- you'll definitely want to read about our once-in-a-lifetime experience with the sun hiding behind the moon! Until next time, hoomans.

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