Hazelnut Visits Taiwan On Her First Solo Trip! (Part 1) 🇹🇼

January 29, 2018

Hazelnut Visits Taiwan On Her First Solo Trip! (Part 1) 🇹🇼

Hi Hoomans! Hazelnut here. I finally found time to blog about my solo trip to Taiwan!

Thankfully I didn't have Waffles with me this time so I actually shopped a lot.. (Okay, maybe not "thankfully". I still love my brofur).

I tagged along with Andy and Sherrill (for our new readers, they are the Adoption Center founders) when they went back to Taiwan to visit Andy's grandma.

Full of culture and great food, Taiwan is an extremely beautiful island near China. I recommend you visit sometime. 😊

Day 1: Experiencing History

When I first arrived in Taiwan, I went immediately to Tainan to understand the history of Taiwan. Fun fact: Tainan was capital of Taiwan for a couple hundred years and still has many historical fortresses today!

I actually visited one called Fort Zeelandia. It was pretty, made with red bricks, and has a cool name! I also saw these interesting trees that have moss extending from their branches. If the moss touches the floor, it actually becomes new tree trunks for that same tree. How cool!

 Earlier that day, I went on a date with Founder Sherrill to eat a hearty breakfast. We ordered egg tortilla wrap (very popular breakfast item in Taiwan), toast, taro cake, lettuce, fries, and milk tea (Sherrill's favorite). Yummy~

There is also a picture of Sherrill getting ready to pose. Hehe ❤️



Day 2: Unexpected Sighting

So as you know, I love food and travel. But I haven't told you I love cars. I saw a gang of Porsche sports cars my second day. They all had nice alloy rims!

Since Chinese New Year is in February this year, there were many decorations set up to celebrate the New Year. I found a nice booth to pose at. The setup was very pretty.

Day 3: Learning About Buddhism

The next day, I went to Kaohsiung, the biggest city in the South. I headed to Fo Guang Shan, an incredible destination for learning about and practicing Buddhism. I saw 2 large golden Buddha statues, while I was there. The architecture was just too beautiful.

And look! I was whispering to the little monk statues. I learned a great deal that day, such as the founding of Buddhism in India about 2500 years ago.

Those are my first 3 days in Taiwan! I hope you enjoyed this blog. For now, my paws are quite tired from editing pictures and typing. I will type up Part 2 later.

- Hazelnut 👸 

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