Hazelnut Visits Taiwan On Her First Solo Trip! (Part 2) ✈️

February 08, 2018 2 Comments

Hazelnut Visits Taiwan On Her First Solo Trip! (Part 2) ✈️

Guess what!? Hazelnut's back! I know you have been waiting for Part 2 of my solo trip to Taiwan, so here ya go.😊 

If you haven't seen Part 1 of my picture blog, check it out here: https://memoryplush.com/blogs/news/hazelnut-visits-taiwan-on-her-first-solo-trip

Day 4: Cultural Icons

In the morning of my fourth day, Andy's mommy took us to Cheng Ching Lake. It was a nice lake that provided lush, green foliage that contrasted the ginormous buildings in Kaohsiung city.

Prior to taking us there, she gave me some froot to eat. I devoured the guava, dragon froot, and pears instantly. The pears are bottom of left bowl, guava is top of left bowl, and dragon froot is right bowl.

Comment your favorite froot below for 2 doggie licks!

Pears (Red & Green), Guava (Top of Left Bowl), Dragon Fruit (Right)

When we got to the vast lake, I first climbed up 2 temples. There were sooo many stairs. My poor stumpy legs got tired fast. But it's okay, the view from the top was amazing.

The Two Towers I Climbed

Here is the view from the top of the right tower! Btw, it was 7 stories tall.

View from Right Tower

I also took a picture of Andy's mommy, hehe.

Andy's Mommy

Coming down the towers was a breeze. The lake knocked the socks off my paws. It was just breath-taking.

The Lake

Gazebo on the Lake

Day 4 Continued: Taipei

After the lake, I said bye to Andy's Mommy and took the High Speed Rail to Taipei. Not only is it the biggest city in Taiwan, Taipei is Taiwan's capital and in the north. 

When I got there, it was just about sunset, so I went to The Grand Hotel to check out the view. 

I could see Taipei 101 all the way from the hotel.

Me at The Grand Hotel

Taipei 101 from The Grand Hotel

I was feeling verrry hungry after that so I went to a popular hot pot destination. Hot Pot is a unique dining style, popular in Asia, where you cook raw food instantly on the spot. 

Here is me before I devoured my dinner. I know, I am a small pup with a big appetite.

My Hot Pot Dinner

Because I was so full, I had to go for a trot. I climbed a mountain during evening so I can see the Taipei 101 from a closer view.

Taipei 101 at Night

What a day full of adventures! My paws and toebeans had turned black after trotting around all day from Kaohsiung all the way to Taipei. Where is Waffles when I need him to massage me!?

Day 5: Taipei 101

After seeing Taipei 101 everywhere I trotted yesterday, I had to go today. But first...I went shopping! That is the key to a successful trip ladies 😂

I decided to walk the Underground Mall at Zhongshan Station (a subway stop). There were many shops for neat souvenirs. 

Underground Mall

At one point, I even saw Waffles (my lame brother) on the wall! Of course, he was pigging out since he loves food so much.

Waffles on the Wall

And no, I do not read Chinese, so I won't be able to translate the wall on the right for you :( But look, I look so cute!

After my shopping adventure, I finally arrived at Taipei 101. It was much bigger than I expected. I took a selfie there as well as posed next to I Love Taipei wall. 😀

Taipei 101 Selfie

I took the elevator up to the 89th floor to view the inside of Taipei 101 as well as the vast expanse of Taipei. I've never felt so smol before. Tell me what you think of this view in the comments below!

Me Looking Outside Taipei 101

Here is my candid photo: 

Candid 101 Photo

Sometimes, I think I look really good from behind :)

When I left Taipei 101, guess who I saw?

A statue version of Frank! I did miss him on this trip, but not enough to have brought him along with me! Hehe

Frank Statue

When I got back to my place, I ordered 2 healthy servings of Pizza hut pizzas. I knew I had to try Pizza Hut because I heard the chain offers very different toppings outside of the United States.

So for the pizza on the left, I ordered squid with sesame seeds and seaweed (furikake). The right pizza was pretty much a supreme pizza. 

Are you finally getting hungry?

Pizza Hut

Day 6: Back to Home

Have you ever been sad and happy at the same time? That was me when I woke up on day 6. I had seen so many new places and tried tasty food. 

I rode the cab to Taoyuan International Airport and boarded my flight (they were lenient on me since I am an adorable Corgi). As the plane took off, I looked out of the window at what I was leaving behind, a beautiful landmass full of neat experiences.

For the picture on the right, we were about 11,000 feet in the air. Fun fact: the highest point in Taiwan is almost 13,000 feet. So that means we were almost at the highest point in Taiwan.


I personally recommend going to Taiwan. Even for a princess who usually gets Waffles and Blueberry to take me around, I was perfectly fine trotting in Taiwan. There are just too many things to do in too little time, especially with eating food.

If you enjoyed reading my adventures, comment below! That way, my furfriends and I will know that and can continue to blog 😊

Till next time (or see you at home), Hazelnut 👸 ~


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May 15, 2018

Dear Hazelnut,

I love your blog.
I have been to Taipei, Kaoshiung and I’m flying to Taipei and Taichung this June to visit my friends there.

If you will visit Taichung, write your blog and we will see how many places we both visit in the city.

Don’t forget to share your food adventure as well.



February 08, 2018

The food on your adventure to Taiwan looks so delicious, Hazelnut! Especially the hot pot! I’m not so sure about squid and seaweed on my pizza, though. So glad you had lots of fun on your adventure!

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