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My Dog is My Co-Pilot Personalized Corgi Blanket Review

July 05, 2017 4 Comments

My Dog is My Co-Pilot Personalized Corgi Blanket Review

Happy late 4th of July, Memory Plushers! This is Sherrill with another pawsome Corgi product review. This week I got my hands on a Personalized Pembroke Corgi Blanket with the "Derp" art design from My Dog is My Co-Pilot. The owner of the company, Tracy, is a very talented artist who designs many adorable products for dog-lovers. Her dog, Yoda, is 3/4 Pembroke and 1/4 Cardigan. They recently adopted their own Waffles into their family as well!



First Impressions

After un-packaging the blanket, my first reaction was: Wow! So soft! The blanket feels like cotton clouds. The colors are absolutely beautiful and vibrant. I decided to put it in the wash before usage and afterwards dried it on tumble dry low. Just like the outer shell of Waffles and Hazelnut, the blanket holds up very well after washing.



Using Pretty Much All the Time

Because of the blanket's softness and Corgi-liciousness, I ended up using it every day since the day I got it. It is the perfect blanket to use while working at a desk, during an afternoon nap, and even for Memory Plushie photoshoots. I highly recommend this blanket if you are a Corgi-lover who has a passion for soft things. Haha!




Product Description

  • available in 2 different sizes (50" x 60" or 60" x 80")
  • available in 5 adorable background colors
  • red and tri-color Corgis available
  • personalized name - text up to 10 characters
  • double edge stitching
  • bottom of the blanket is an off-white color



Final Thoughts

I have owned many fleece blankets in the past and this is by far one of my favorite ones ever. The quality and appearance are both top-notch. Unlike some fleece blankets, this one does not have loose fuzz flying everywhere. The color difference on the top and bottom of the blanket gives it a beautiful touch. This blanket makes a great gift to others as well as a treat-yourself. My Dog is My Co-Pilot also has many other blanket options on their website that I encourage you to check out as well.




My Dog is My Co-Pilot website:

Personalized Pembroke Corgi Blanket - Derp:

My Dog is My Co-Pilot Facebook page:


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