Support our Kickstarter Campaign Launch on 3/28

March 15, 2017 2 Comments

We are launching our Kickstarter campaign on March 28th. Please support us by backing the campaign or sharing on social media! We appreciate all the love and support we have received from our fans and customers so far. 

Why Kickstarter?

We decided to launch Waffles the Memory Foam Corgi through Kickstarter, since manufacturing consumer goods require heavy upfront costs. Because Kickstarter is a platform for preordering and involves building trust and community, the platform is perfect for our current stage of business. With a $7,500 goal, we will be able to cover all supplier costs, including production, transportation, and testing. A small percentage of the goal will also cover Kickstarter and processing payment fees. 

Preordering Waffles through our website is currently disabled. We would love for you to preorder Waffles through Kickstarter when the campaign launches. By preordering, you will be backing our project and helping us reach our financial goal.

What happens after Kickstarter?

After our Kickstarter campaign ends, we hope to have built a community around our brand. With increased visibility and awareness, we can create various dog breeds with enough demand to financially justify production. Some breeds on our priority list include pugs, dachshund, and shepherd dogs. By creating multiple dog breeds, we can ensure that owners for those dog breeds can get a memory foam plush of their dogs.

I cannot stress how appreciative we are to have all of you supporting us. Thank you for believing in our project.

- Andy

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