The Beginning of Memory Plush

January 31, 2017

In the summer of Andy and I's freshman year in college, Andy brought back a bear stuffed animal from his trip to Chicago. One day, I happened to try laying my head on the stuffed bear and found that it flattened the shape of it more than I would have liked. This got me thinking about my stuffed animals from my childhood that all weren't as fluffy, soft, or in sturdy shape like they were when they were newer. Another issue that sprung up was the fact that I could not bring my dog from back at home nor stuffed animals to college or on vacation with me. I had to think of another way to bring the comfort of home with me on all my endeavors. Andy and I decided that something had to be done. Why not make multi-purpose travel-sized stuffed animals that could be washed and could retain shape no matter how often they are cuddled or laid on? Imagine being able to pack light, at the same time as bringing a quality pillow and a piece of home with you where ever you go. Imagine taking a cute memory foam companion with you on your travels that would refrain from losing shape or becoming worn and dirty. 

And so that was the beginning of our new business, Memory Plush.

- Sherrill

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