Hazelnut the Corgi (Tri-Color)

Memory Plush

"My name is Hazelnut and my goal is to find out "who's a good girl" from you. I deserve your constant attention and cuddling. As a princess, I need you to groom my fur every couple of days. Since Waffles is my big brother, we often go on food adventures. If you adopt me, I can take you to all the great places I've been. PS, my favorite dish is hazelnut spread on a slice of attention." - Hazelnut 👸

Outside Shell: Polyester, Machine Wash & Low Tumble Dry
Velcro Opening: remove foam cushion to wash shell
Sealed Memory Foam: durable, long lasting foam
No Loose Parts: Stitched Eyes and Nose
Dimensions: 15.7 x 7 x 5 inches

*Memory Plush items are shipped separately from Merchandise items.

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