→ 2018 BOGO Special - Adopt a Memory Plushie, get 2nd one 50% off! → Use Checkout Code: 2018GOALS 

→ 2018 BOGO Special - Adopt a Memory Plushie, get 2nd one 50% off! → Use Checkout Code: 2018GOALS 

About Us

Our Inspiration

As children, we, Andy Shaw and Sherrill Feng, played with tons of stuffed animals. When they fell apart or lost shape, the world seemed to end because our best friend no longer looked or felt the same. 

As we became older, keeping plushies clean became an issue. When Sherrill returned home from her first semester in college, she tried washing all of her dusty animals. The second issue was that they lost shape when washed.

Plushies have many physical parts, and those parts can fall apart over time. Recently, the eye of a kitten Andy had for a decade fell off. It was tragic because Kitten (the kitten's very original name) no longer looked the same. It's okay, we super glued her eye back, but we have to keep an EYE out for her other eye.

We were motivated to solve plush losing shape when washed, used as a pillow, or cuddled with. We created Memory Plush, memory foam plush (the name is literal), to solve this tragic issue that plagued us when we were young and continues to plague millions of children in America every year.

Waffles is our first Memory Plushie. When we first met, Andy introduced Sherrill to a friend's Corgi. She has been in love with the breed ever since.

When she was young, Sherrill developed an unconditional love towards all animals. She rescued her border collie mix puppy back in 2007. Sherrill's love for animals grew onto Andy. Our passion for animals- especially dogs, fueled us to create Waffles the Memory Foam Corgi for other dog lovers.

We are a couple based out of Austin, Texas. We are juniors at the University of Texas at Austin where we've received a ton of help on our project. Without our supporters, none of this would be possible. Thank you, our mentors and Kickstarter backers, for believing in us.

The Future of Memory Plush

The future of Memory Plush is in your hands. We want to make sure owners of various dog breeds can adopt a Waffles that resembles their dogs. We have gotten requests for pugs, blue heelers, golden doodles, even mixed breeds, and many more. Be sure to sign up for our email newsletters for new breed updates.

With your continuing support, we can ensure that everyone will have access to a Memory Plushie that resembles their dog!