→ 2018 BOGO Special - Adopt a Memory Plushie, get 2nd one 50% off! → Use Checkout Code: 2018GOALS 

→ 2018 BOGO Special - Adopt a Memory Plushie, get 2nd one 50% off! → Use Checkout Code: 2018GOALS 

Memory Plushie Details

What is a Memory Plushie?

Our memory foam pillow plush that is perfect for any occasion, can be easily cleaned, retains shape, and is child safe.

Why Adopt a Memory Plushie?

Take your Memory Plushie on your next big adventure! Our pudgy, memory foam dogs are great for various settings. Not big on traveling? They are also perfect for when you relax at home.  

Memory Plushies' bread loaf shape makes them the ideal travel companion, cuddle buddy, and side pillow. They are approximately 16 inches of warm fuzziness. You will end up bringing them everywhere, but be aware- clinginess is inevitable!
Because you will be bringing your Memory Plushie with you everywhere you go, they may get dirty over time. But no worries, they are machine washable! They have velcro openings on their belly area, which allows you to remove the memory foam cushion from the outer polyester shell. Just pop the outer shell into the washing machine on delicate, low heat setting and then dryer on tumble dry-low setting. It is said that Memory Plushies will come out feeling even softer and plush than before! Read Memory Plushie Care Settings HERE.
Other pillows and plushies lump and clump, but not Memory Plushies! They are able to withstand your strangling love.
Memory Plushies are also child safe and makes a great companion for children. For children who want pets, they are the perfect alternative if your family is not ready for a pet. They are made with stitched eyes and nose to ensure that there are no choking hazards or loose parts. Recommended for ages 3 and up.

See how Memory Plushies were brought to life through Kickstarter. Click the picture below or HERE to see our Kickstarter campaign.

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