Upcoming Kickstarter for Miso the Shiba Inu

Hi Hooman, we just launched our newest design, Miso the Shiba Inu, on Kickstarter. Adopt Miso here.

We have limited spots for early bird pricing (sweet deals for our supporters). Be sure to grab those before they run out. Get Early Bird Deals.

What are Memory Plushies?

Our Memory Plushies are memory foam pillow plushies, perfect for traveling, relaxing, and cuddling with. The outside plush fur is machine washable, by simply removing the memory foam cushion. They are also child safe, with no loose parts.
@kimchishibainu and Miso
Visit Kickstarter Campaign: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1081021071/miso-the-shiba-inu-memory-foam-pillow-plush-dog?ref=evdmn1