Why Fundraise with Memory Plush?

Are you looking to raise funds for your organization, but tired of fundraisers that are risky for your members and require lots of precious time to manage? You have come to the right page!

Our Fundraising Program is suitable for all ages and is extremely simple. Unlike traditional fundraisers, Memory Plush Fundraising Program does not require your members to go door-to-door just so your organization can profit nor require you to pay for inventory or shipping. Your members simply refer our website to family and friends, whether digitally, over the phone, or in person. Whenever their referrals adopt a Memory Plushie (our memory foam pillow plushies) with the unique promo code assigned to your organization, we track the sale. At the end of your Fundraiser, we count the total Memory Plushies adopted and donate the applicable percentage of sales back to your organization!

If you're ready to begin your Fundraiser, please visit our simple Program Instructions.

How Do You Benefit?

✔️  Profit Up to 15% of All Sales - Huge Profits for You

✔️  Safe for Young Members - No Door-to-Door Sales Required 

✔️  Easy to Implement - Members Simply Share Your Fundraiser and Promo Code

✔️  Inclusive for All Members - Everyone Can Share via Their Electronic Devices

✔️  Utilize Technology - Allow Members to Use Their Technology and Social Media Skills 

✔️  Completely Free - No Inventory Required, No Shipping Costs, No Delivery Fees

✔️  Save Time - We Handle All Customer Service and Orders

✔️  Help Dogs in Need - For Every Memory Plushie Adopted, We Donate $1 to Dog Rescues

Why Us?

Memory Plush was "Started by Students, For the Community." Everything we do is community-focused. At young ages, we understood the importance of being involved in our community, such as through School, Scouts, Orchestra, Church, and Charity. We also understand the struggle of balancing time and funds for group activities. 

That is why we created our Fundraising Program. It is designed to be risk-free, easy-to-implement, and time-saving, so you can have enough time and funds for what's truly important for your organization. We do not mark up our prices for fundraisers, unlike many fundraisers that require you to purchase inventory first and double your cost.

By participating in our Program, you are also benefitting Corgis in need. We donate $1 per Memory Plushie adopted to Queen's Best Stumpy Dog Rescue (QBSDR), an amazing Corgi rescue that rehomes and rehabilitates dogs in need. Join us in supporting your Organization and QBSDR by visiting our Program Instructions.

- Andy & Sherrill


For more information, please see our Program Instructions or Fundraiser Terms and Conditions. You can also email us at info@memoryplush.com.