Corgi and Shiba Pin (Benedict and Kimchi)

This adorable pin is for the Corgi and Shiba lovers out there. It is lightweight, yet durable, and made in the USA.

The design features Benedict (sable Fluffy Corgi) and Kimchi (red Shiba inu). Follow them on Instagram if you haven't already:

About Benedict the Corgi: Benedict is the life of the party. He goes where the excitement goes. Don't be fooled by his short legs- he can run, jump, and romp just as well as large dogs. His favorite thing to do at home are follow (herd) his humans around the house, chew on his Nylabone toys, and play with his sister Kimchi.

About Kimchi the Shiba: Kimchi is a feline in a canine's body. She loves to take long naps on the couch, especially that one spot her humans previously sat on. Mmmm, the smell of butts.

About the Artist (Sherrill, cofounder of Memory Plush): Dogs have always been a huge part of my life. I grew up with my sweet childhood dog, Snowy, who passed away about two years ago at age 11. My husband and I have had Kimchi since we first moved out to Los Angeles after graduating from UT Austin. Almost a year later, we got Benedict. Dogs have really changed my life for the better because they have given me the motivation out of bed every morning. If you're a dog owner as well, I'm sure you know what I mean!

Materials: Metal