(NEW!) Frank the Dachshund

Memory Plush

"What's up, guys! My name is Frank and I am the hottest 🔥 dog in town. I aim to be the best short-legged doggo out there that the world has ever seen. You can take me on all of your travels and adventures since I am obviously the best companion anyone could ever have. I love BBQs- and if you do too, we can have sausage eating contests! Adopt me today and you can be the coolest hooman ever!" - Frank 🌭

Outside Shell: Polyester, Machine Wash & Low Tumble Dry
Velcro Opening: remove foam cushion to wash shell
Sealed Memory Foam: durable, long lasting foam
No Loose Parts: Stitched Eyes and Nose
Dimensions: 15.7 x 10.5 x 5 inches

**Frank has extra plush hind legs- perfect for a squishy bolster cushion.

*Memory Plush items are shipped separately from Merchandise items.

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